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Helpful Resources

Resources for any MICA student! Please contact SVA if you have additional resources you would like to see on this page.

Financial Aid


Short term financial emergency relief

Writing Studio

Food Insecurity

MICA Food Studio
Wellness Center, Lower Lobby
Fridays 3-6pm

short term emergency relief, students may pack up to one full grocery bag of items per visit

For more info:

Conflict in the Classroom

Title IX Contact

Mental Health



Where is our money going?

Every year students are concerned with where our tuition is being used, and want more transparency about MICA's budget. MICA's financial reports are published publicly at

The financial report can be overly technical and difficult to understand - if you have questions and want to have a more clear conversation about the budget, please contact Martin Lemelle to schedule a meeting at


How much percentage is MICA's revenue in tuition and fees?

- As of fiscal year 2022, 72% of MICA's revenue comes from students' tuition. Other revenue MICA receives is through auxiliary costs (ex. residential costs, student dining) and endowments.

How much revenue goes to faculty and staff?

- Roughly 50% of MICA's revenue goes to paying staff. It is common for institutions' revenue to primarily go to the workforce.

How much do students actually pay for MICA?

- As of fiscal year 2022, the tuition was $51,870. Students on average paid 31,000 in net tuition after scholarships and grants.

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