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The Student Voice Association (SVA) advocates for the interests and needs of the student community at MICA. SVA serves as a liaison between students, administrators, faculty, and staff promoting a culture of transparency, inclusion, and collaboration.

Past Accomplishments of SVA

2023 - Spring

Advocated for the hiring of a medical specialist capable of providing trans-care in-house at the MICA Health Center

2022 - Fall

 - Successfully advocated for re-implementation of HMart Shuttles

 - Advocated for feminine hygiene products to be available in campus bathrooms

 - Advocated for more clarity on Title IX reporting process

2022 - Spring

 - Student Advocacy successfully led to Founders Green elevator renovations for fall

 - Led initiative to cancel NFT course opposed by students

 - Advocated for reversing optional mask wearing that increased risk for immunocompromised students

 - Successfully pushed for disability training for dining facility staff


 - SVA becomes official student government

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